When the API response includes an array of records, a pagination object is returned when the total number of records present is greater than the limit per request. The default value of this limit is 20 but it can be changed by passing a value to the query parameter limit when the request is made. The maximum possible value of limit is 100.

You can then use the pagination object to make additional requests and obtain all the records.

The pagination object is structured as shown in the example below:

  "pagination": {
    "prev": null,
    "next": "TG9yZW0gaXBzdW0="

In order to obtain the records for the next batch, perform the following actions:

  1. Send a request to the same API endpoint.
  2. Include the query parameter cursor with a value equal to the value of next returned in the previous request.
  3. Repeat this sequence until the pagination object has a next value of null.